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Window Tinting in Shelbyville, IN

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Window Tinting in Shelbyville, Indiana

Have you ever tried to drive into the sun in rush hour traffic? The glare can be awful! When the sun hits at just the right angle, not even the visors can help and if you forgot your sun glasses you’re in a tough situation. Window tinting is the best solution to stay safe on the road, even when driving into the sun. 

Serving Shelbyville and the surrounding areas, our custom window tinting can transform your car from a heat trap to a cool haven. In addition to making your car safer for driving, window tinting can also keep your car from becoming an oven. The sun’s rays are blocked by the tinted windows, meaning your car stays cooler. Furthermore, you’ll protect your car’s interior and seats from fading caused by the sun.

A good tinting service will leave your car looking great, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. At Excel Glass we are proud to work with Greg Hauk of Greg Hauk Window Tinting to provide the best window tinting installation in the area on your vehicle.

When you require custom services that meet your exact specifications, you can count on Greg to deliver. He’ll go through all of the details with you, from which windows to tint, to the degree and how to get it done quickly and effectively. 

Greg focuses on quality work and excellent customer service. He is reliable and responsible. When you bring in your car for tinting, you can rest assured it will be ready at the agreed pickup time. Be sure to let Greg know if you have any specific considerations and he’ll be happy to help.

Give Greg a call today to discuss your window tinting services. He’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and set up an appointment. 

Greg Hauk Window Tinting
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